No deal Brexit: Boris Johnson considers creating Bank Holiday to foil MPs plans

In a bid to foil all plans by MPs to block his proposed no deal Brexit, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is considering creating a new bank holiday.

This comes on the heels of him yesterday securing permission from the Queen to prorogue Parliament at some point in the week beginning September 9 until October 14.

This is one of the measures being weighed by the the PM as tension continues to boil between Parliament and the Government.

Others include asking Eurosceptic peers to filibuster any attempt by MPs to pass an anti-No Deal law which would force the PM to seek a Brexit delay from the EU and to ask the Queen to block such a law if it was able to make it through Parliament.

By creating a new bank holiday, would mean Parliament would be shut, the government would avoid Debates by MPs to stop no deal Brexit by October 31st due to a line in the Act which makes clear that Parliament cannot meet on ‘Saturdays, Sundays or a day which is a bank holiday’.



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