NLC suspends street action, issues fresh 14-day ultimatum

According to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the two-day protests over the pains triggered by the various reforms introduced by the government will not continue today.

The Labour Centre said the “overwhelming success on day one (yesterday)” of the protest was satisfactory.

It, however, said that “nationwide action continues tomorrow with simultaneous press conferences across all the states of the federation by the state councils of the congress, including the national headquarters.”

The NLC made the announcement yesterday in a statement signed by its President, Joe Ajaero, and Acting General Secretary, Ismail Bello.

It gave the Federal Government a fresh 14-day ultimatum for the full implementation of the earlier agreement of October 2 last year and other demands presented in its letter of yesterday.

The NLC called workers, its civil society affiliates, and state councils out for a nationwide protest against what it called mounting hardship and insecurity across the land.

The protests, which took place in many cities, were peaceful.

The statement reads: “To suspend street action for the second day of the Protest having achieved overwhelming success and thus attained the key objectives of the two-day protest on the first day.

“However, nationwide action continues tomorrow with simultaneous Press Conferences across all the states of the federation by the state councils of the congress including the national headquarters.

“To reaffirm and extend the seven-day ultimatum by another seven days which now expires on the 13th day of March 2024, within which the government is expected to implement all the earlier agreement of the 2nd day of October 2023 and other demands presented in our letter during today’s nationwide protest.

“To meet and decide on further lines of action if, on the expiration of the 14 days, the government refuses to comply with the demands as contained in the ultimatum.

“Once again, NEC recommits the NLC to continuing defending and promoting the interests and desires of Nigerian workers and the downtrodden masses.”



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