Nigerian stand-up comedy is now worse – Bovi

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Abovi Ugboma, popularly known as Bovi, has decried the state of stand-up comedy in Nigeria.

He said the industry has gotten worse than it used to be.

During the session tagged ‘Ask me anything, a fan of the comedian asked Bovi’s opinion if stand-up comedy had gotten better in Nigeria or worse?
In a swift response, he said “worse.”

He, however, went further to reveal that stand-up comedy in Nigeria could become better if people told “jokes in proper comedy clubs.”

Earlier, Bovi revealed that he was banned from entering the United States of America because he had an ego clash with a visa issuing officer.

A fan of the comedian had asked on Instagram if he could visit Massachusetts to crack them up with laughter. In a terse response, the comic star said, “I’m banned in the U.S.A.”

Asked why he was banned from entering the US, the popular comedian responded saying, “Ill luck! Met a charity visa-issuing officer! Egos clashed! I got labeled.”



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