Nigerian born self acclaimed prophet, wife bag jail term for child abuse, rape

A UK based Nigerian self acclaimed prophet has been convicted of rape and numerous charges committed over a period of twenty years.

According to BBC reports, Michael Oluronbi targeted seven victims over 20 years, telling some they would fail exams or become a witch if his advances were refused.

He repeatedly raped children after “holy baths” he claimed would ward off evil.

It was learnt that four girls became pregnant and his wife Juliana Oluronbi arranged abortions – with one girl estimating she had five or six during secondary school.

A Birmingham Crown Court jury convicted the couple of numerous charges.

Oluronbi, a self-styled prophet who also worked as a pharmacist, “had such a hold over the congregation that anything he said was taken as read”, said police.

One of the victims told the BBC the pastor’s actions had been “terrible” and “affected everyone’s lives”.

Police released a filmed confession in which he tells a victim’s relative “everything was my fault” and describes himself as “an animal”.
Oluronbi, aged 60, of Orchard Drive, Longbridge, Birmingham, was convicted of 15 rape charges, seven indecent assaults and two sexual assaults.

His wife, aged 58, of Walker Road, Walsall, was found guilty of three charges of aiding and abetting rape.



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