MURIC requests unity against terrorist attack

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) says Nigerians need to unite against terrorists, bandits and saboteurs.

Its director and founder, Prof Ishaq Akintola urged citizens to work together against future attacks.

He also described the Abuja-Kaduna train attacked by bandits as mindless.

He said: “We strongly condemn this attack. It was mindless, vicious, brutal and barbaric. This is also major evidence of the extent to which unscrupulous elements can sabotage the good efforts of the government to provide comfort for the citizens.

“With hindsight, the latest attack may not have been too surprising, particularly with the ominous signs presented by previous activities of bandits in the zone. It is obvious that Kaduna Airport was attacked last week because the bandits had become desperate since they could not find enough victims on the roads.”

Akintola urged the security agencies to be more proactive, advising that Intelligence Transport Systems (ITS) should be used in all transportation networks starting with the modern railway line and critical national routes of our roads.



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