Mum-of-eight forced to ration food for her hungry kids after ‘horrible’ panic-buyers raid supermarket shelves

A distraught mum-of-eight said shopping for food has become “impossible” due to mass stockpiling amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Emily Hills has 11 mouths to feed in her household, including two autistic children, and fears she’ll run out of food for them — as thousands of panic-buyers across Britain continue to strip shelves in supermarkets.

The 48-year-old from Sunbury-on-Thames has since started rationing food for her children, adding that she feels “guilty” when shes goes shopping in case people think she is stockpiling.

The tearful mum told Surrey Live: “I worry how we are going to feed ourselves as there never is any food in Tesco whatsoever. The other day I felt so tearful and thought ‘what are we going to do?’

“I think more should have been done at the beginning. People are just so rude and horrible [in the supermarket]. The other day a woman almost hit me with her trolley and she didn’t say sorry.

“Everyone is just looking out for themselves and it’s so sad. I worry how we are going to feed ourselves as there never is any food in Tesco whatsoever.”

In recent weeks, stores across the UK have seen chaotic scenes as “selfish” shoppers stripped shelves bare of essentials, leaving the needy, vulnerable and key workers without.

Emily added how her worries are enhanced due to her 11-year-old autistic son, Louie, refusing to eat anything but pasta and sweetcorn.
“There is such a limited amount of food he eats that I have to make sure nobody else eats this so we don’t run out,” she concluded.

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