Men spend a fortune on ‘limb-lengthening surgery’ to add inches to their height

From hidden heels to growth pills, the internet is awash with bizarre tactics that people can use to boost their height.

Now, it seems that many men are resorting to surgery in a desperate attempt to add inches.

Over the last year, more than 30 men from around the world have turned to The LimbplastX Institute, a limb-lengthening medical practice based in Las Vegas.

The practice offers minimally invasive 1.5 hour painless surgery that promises to add up to six inches to your height – for a hefty cost.

Depending on the patient, the procedure can cost upwards of £57,180 ($75,000).

Despite this hefty cost, Dr Kevin Debiparshad, a consultant at the clinic, says that the procedure is getting more and more popular, especially among men. Speaking to Mirror Online, he said: “Over 90% of my patients, including those who have consulted with me, are male.

Most on average are about 5’6” seeking a height increase of 3 inches.

The rise in limb-lengthening surgery comes shortly after a study by dating app OkCupid found that many men lie about their height on dating apps.

In the study, OkCupid looked at the reported heights of its US users, and compared the data to the average heights of men across the US.

The results revealed that male users exaggerate their height by an average of two inches!

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