Meet couple who beat meth addiction, shares photos on Facebook

…..”Meth messes with your brain”, hubby says
Brent Walker and his wife Ashley were addicted to drugs, their lives crumbled like pack of cards because they couldn’t control their urge for drugs.

In a trying time for them, the couple lost custody if the five children they had between them.

However, today, the couples are a successful survival story, after Brent shared photos of the before and after addiction on Facebook three years since they last used Drugs , in a bid to help inspire change in old friends.

He wrote: “I hope… my transformation can encourage an addict somewhere.”
“It is possible to recover,” he added, underneath the pictures.

Brent told BBC News: “It [the photo] was just for my family and friends, some of whom are recovering addicts. The next day, my phone was blowing up.

“I want to tell people they don’t have to live like this. We are living proof.”
“Meth messes with your brain, it makes you paranoid, it makes you lose your memory and hallucinate,” he said. “I couldn’t eat. I didn’t sleep for days on end,” he added
Now, the pair have set themselves more goals to achieve, including improving their credit score so they can put a deposit down on a house, and taking steps to regain custody of Ashley’s children.



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