Lotto winner kills sons, himself after wife confronted his excess spending

A lotto winner murdered his two sons before killing himself after his wife confronted him about blowing cash on hookers, an inquest heard.

David Stokes, 43, stabbed himself to death with a kitchen knife and held wife Sally hostage during a five-hour stand-off with police.

Cops discovered the bodies of their sons Matthew, five, and Adam, eleven, in bed together at the family home in Hinckley, Leics, in November 2016.

An inquest heard how David had blown most of his £40,000 lotto winnings on shares and a new car.

The couple had seperated before the killings but had remained on good terms – until Sally confronted him that day over emails showing he was using prostitutes.

He killed his two sons before attacking Sally with a rolling pin.

Twisted Stokes assured her that their sons were safe – but promised to harm them if she did not cooperate.

She managed to briefly escape, and her screams alerted a neighbour who called 999. After telling cops he had a gun, David led his wife upstairs and stabbed her in the back.

David left a suicide note apologising for what he had done.

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