LG boss, Ajala, pays unscheduled visit to primary school, charges teachers to uphold best practices

In his bid to elevate the standards of primary education in his community, the Chairman of Odi-Oluwo /Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Razak Ajala paid an unscheduled visit to a primary school within his local government.

During the visit to Muslim Mission Primary School, Mushin, Tuesday, he charged the teachers to uphold best practices.

While interacting with the school’s headteacher and other staff members, the council boss also warned against any attempt to extort the pupils through ambiguous donations.

The warning came on the heels of reports that went round within the community about a week ago that some primary school teachers in the community had mandated pupils to donate N100 thousand for some unexplained and dubious purposes.

Though the teachers denied any such circumstance, the chairman demanded that they should continue to strive for higher moral and education standards and remain good examples to the pupils.

He also told the pupils, when speaking to them in their classrooms, to focus more on their education, adding that education had the power to solve many human problems.

“I want you all to focus more on your education. With education, you can end poverty and go higher in life. Also, you must obey your parents and respect your teachers. I wish you all the best”, he said.

The council boss also hinted that he would make such surprise visits a routine in order to be able to physically note some of the challenges of primary education in the community, which is one of the responsibilities of the local government.

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