Interesting! Herd of goats take deserted Welsh town amid Covid-19 lockdown

In the wake of the coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom, a herd of wild goats was seen wandering the deserted streets of a town in Wales.

Standard UK reports that the animals typically spend their time grazing on the heights of the nearby Great Orme headland and only usually venture down to the town during bouts of bad weather.

However, with so many fewer people out and about amid the coronavirus lockdown, some think the creatures have been drawn into Llandudno this time by little more than inquisitiveness.

The towns’s councillor, Carol Marubbi told BBC, “They are curious, goats are, and I think they are wondering what’s going on like everybody else.

“There are very few visitors on the top [of the Orme], so they have come down in their droves.

“There isn’t anyone else around so they probably decided they may as well take over.”

Ms Marubbi added that everyone in Llandudno was “very proud” of the animals, which belong to a herd of about 120 goats, saying they had provided “free entertainment” to people cooped up indoors.

In the videos, posted on Twitter, the goats can be seen skipping along empty roads and nonchalantly perched on garden walls while eating off nearby trees.

In one clip, they can even be spotted entering a local churchyard in search of a spot for a “lie down”.

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