Hillarious! 4-year old interrupts mom’s live MSNBC broadcast

American Television Station, MSNBC has posted an amazing moment of when one of it’s correspondent’s live broadcast was interrupted by her son.

Similar to the viral “BBC Dad” moment which saw Professor Robert Kelly’s two children burst in during an on-air interview, news correspondent Courtney Kube who was joined by her own infant gatecrasher has been tagged “MSNBC Mom”

Ms Kube, 41, was discussing Turkish air strikes in northern Syria on Wednesday when her son Ryan, four, crept up behind her.

Attempting to carry on with the report, the journalist’s flow was finally broken when Ryan grabbed up at her chest.

She explained she had been forced to bring Ryan and his twin brother Jackson to NBC’s Washington studio because her husband was out of town.

MSNBC made light of the incident, posting a clip of the incident on its Twitter page.

“Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you’re reporting breaking news,” it captioned the video, followed by the hashtags “#MSNCBMoms” and “#working moms”.

It has since been viewed more than two million times.

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