Hilarious! Girl, 2, given cake with ‘Happy Birthday Loser’ message after baker’s blunder

Mum-of-three, Melin Jones, had taken to her Facebook page a photo showing her girl’s gloomy reaction to the misnamed cake which went viral on social media with the post triggering plenty laughs.

It was bake to basics for a Walmart employee who mucked up an order – giving a two-year-old a cake iced with “Happy Birthday Loser”.

Melin Jones, the girl’s mum, had ordered a treat for her daughter, Liz, whose nickname is “Lizard”, but was left fuming at the mistake.

The Missouri woman posted about the mix-up on Facebook, admitting “it was my fault for not checking it when it was handed to me, and not the lady who heard me wrong”.

She said, “My daughter’s name is Elizabeth, we call her Liz and her nickname is Lizard. I got her a cake at Walmart for her birthday.

“I told the lady to write ‘Happy Birthday Lizard’. Few mins later she hands me the cake, I without looking at it put it in the cart and go [to the] checkout.

“As I’m unloading the car when we got home I look at the cake and noticed she put ‘Happy Birthday loser. Apparently she heard me wrong. I was pissed then but man it’s funny now.”

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