Hate speech bill is dead – Bishop Oyedepo

General Overseer of The Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, on Tuesday while on the pulpit made a bold statement on the controversial hate speech bill being considered by the Senate, positing that the bill is dead.

Oyedepo made his remark at the opening ceremony of Shiloh 2019, an annual event of the church which entered the 21st edition.

He observed that the sponsor of the bill did not propose death penalty for killers of innocent people in the country but was targeting those who might criticise the government with the bill.

Oyedepo said nobody could gag him because he is a prophet and he is only answerable to God.

He said, “Hate speech is one of the craziest ideas. You want to hang somebody for telling you the truth. The roads are bad and you say that is hate speech.

“You can silence everybody but not a prophet. A prophet is answerable only to God. What God tells him to say.

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