Gombe, Bauchi to benefit from oil drilling – Experts

President Muhammadu Buhari is set to kick off the drilling of crude oil in Gombe and Bauchi states today.

This development is coming two years after the mineral resource was discovered in the North.

Experts believed the discovery and drilling of crude oil in the two states would boost the economies of Gombe and Bauchi.

Petrochemical engineer, Richard Okon, said the discovery and drilling of crude oil in both states made them oil-producing states, adding to Nigeria’s oil reserves and increasing government revenue.

“Huge activities at the site should ensure that capacity is built at the grassroots. The host communities should be involved and empowered to have a sense of belonging,” he said.

“We expect to see new roads, both in the cities and rural areas, and a rising flow of foreign direct investment,” he said.

Abuja-based engineer, Stevens Adams, said oil drilling in both states would increase real income, and employment and lead to poverty reduction, thus opening a new chapter in their economic landscape.



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