Gastroenteritis: Water borne disease kills 11, 400 infected in Lagos

The Lagos state government has assured that it is working to curb the spread of a water borne, intestinal ailment that is claiming lives by the day.

Lagos Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi stated that 400 Lagosians and counting have been affected so far with Gastroenteritis, a water-borne disease caused by microorganisms.

11 lives have also been lost to the outbreak thus far PULSE.NG reports.

According to Abayomi, “400 cases of gastroenteritis have been recorded in health facilities in the affected LGAs (Local Government Areas). 370 of these cases have been treated and discharged. Unfortunately, we have also recorded 11 deaths due to the outbreak. The increase in number of cases of gastroenteritis is not unconnected to persistent rain with flooding of some LGAs in the state.”

In a step to stymie the spread of the disease, the commissioner announced the state Government’s activation of emergency management centers by the Lagos state government to combat the outbreak.

“We have been very proactive in our response and management of the excess cases of vomiting and diarrhea occasioned by the outbreak. As part of our response, we have activated an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) which is a command and control centre so that we can fine-tune logistics and resources around our response against the outbreak,” he said.



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