FIFA President, Infantino faces criminal charges in Switzerland

FIFA president, Gianni Infantino faces criminal prosecution as the swiss special federal public prosecutor has opened criminal proceedings against him.

This comes on the heels of an investigation by the prosecutor, Stefan Keller, into complaints regarding meetings between Infantino, Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber and the chief public prosecutor of the Upper Valais, Rinaldo Arnold.

A statement from the Swiss federal council said Keller has concluded that there are “indications of criminal conduct” in connection with those meetings.

The statement added: “This concerns abuse of public office (Article 312 of the Swiss Criminal Code), breach of official secrecy (Article 320 of the Swiss Criminal Code), assisting offenders (Article 305 of the Swiss Criminal Code) and incitement to these acts. Additional criminal acts and the commencement of further proceedings remain reserved.”

Lauber and Infantino met twice in 2016, the year Infantino was elected FIFA president.

Infantino was asked about the case at last month’s FIFA Council meeting, and described the formal complaints against him as “absurd”.

“To meet with the head prosecutor or attorney general of Switzerland is perfectly legitimate and it’s perfectly legal,” he said.

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