Extraordinary! Woman gives birth in taxi, midwived by driver en-route to hospital

A video footage has shown how woman extraordinarily gave birth in a taxi and was coached through it by an ice-cool driver en route to hospital.

The footage had the woman in labour screaming out cuss words and saying, “Oh my gosh…she’s coming out.”

Trying to reassure the woman, the driver tells her, “You’ve got to breathe, Mummy.” The clearly distressed woman, who is being supported by her partner shouts back: “Yeah but she’s literally coming out. Her head is on my hand.”

The taxi driver responded, “Do the magic, do the magic. Spread your legs. Damn!”
Before long the child is out of the mother’s womb, with the driver trying to calm the couple down that everything is done and all is well. Jokingly adding, “Just don’t get the seat messy. God bless the baby. We Gucci!”

With the parents panicking about what to do next, the driver tells them to wipe down their newborn with towels and he dropped them off at the hospital.

Though the original source of the footage is not known, a timestamp suggests the incident occurred on July 13 this year. It’s thought to have taken place in New York.

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