Elderly persons go days without foodstuffs because of coronavirus scare – Charity organization


A charity organization in the UK has raised alarm over older people being left without food or essentials because they are too scared to leave the house amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Age UK who made the above revelation has issued an emergency appeal after receiving an unprecedented number of calls from distressed elderly people who are too nervous to venture away from their homes.

The disease, which has killed around 6,600 people worldwide and infected more than 170,000, is believed by authorities to be far more dangerous for people over the age of 70.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday that “within the coming weeks” every Briton 70 years old and over could be asked to isolate for an extended period of time.

However, there was confusion over exactly what elderly people will be asked to do going forward.

The coronavirus appeal is urging people to donate their money, food, essentials and time.

Age UK Camden said: “We understand the anxiety as well as the practical ramifications in this situation, we are supporting an increasing number of older people and their relatives who are reaching out to us for help. ”

Food parcels can be taken to a drop-off point near you, the address is available on your local Age UK website.

Volunteers then deliver the parcel along with information and advice, including how to use a telephone befriending service and counselling service, online book club and live streaming of their lunchtime music recitals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a Cobra committee meeting on Monday and in the press conference that follows is expected to announce some more anti-coronavirus measures.

The UK is moving towards banning mass gatherings and asking the elderly to stay at home more, measures which have already been put in place in most European and coronavirus-hit countries.

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