Coronavirus: See shoppers queue for weed in Holland as govt announces lockdown


As countries go on lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, citizens have moved to stockpile commodities they would need including cannabis.

Photos emerged of how cannabis smokers queued up to stockpile weed in Holland yesterday after the country’s famous ‘coffee shops’ were ordered to shut over coronavirus fears.

Staff set up separate lines for cash and cards as customers hurried to order supplies for what could be a weeks-long quarantine.

The queues built up within minutes after the Dutch health and education ministers gave a televised press conference announcing the closure of many businesses, along with all Dutch schools.

‘For maybe for the next two months we’re not able to get some weed so it should be nice to at least have some in the house,’ one cannabis buyer in the Hague said.

‘My friend called me like five minutes ago, he saw the press conference – good friend,’ the Dutch shopper called Jonathan said.
Customers queued in the streets to get their hands on products such as ‘Doctor’, ‘Bubble’ and ‘Purple Haze’ before the doors shut.
Similar scenes were reported around the country, with pictures of long queues outside coffee shops in the capital Amsterdam and the historic university city of Utrecht.

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