Conspiracy theories flood internet over Jeffrey Epstein’s death

People wouldn’t stop asking questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s death in his Manhattan prison cell, few minutes after his apparent suicide, with some observers suggesting it was murder.

Some days ago, after the disgraced billionaire’s first suicide attempt, Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer for three of his victims, warned, “There’s no doubt that no jail will protect you when there are powerful people who want to reach you – wherever you are.”

The internet was flooded with conspiracy theories, following the news of Epstein’s death, with claims that his end would help to protect his powerful friends. On Twitter the hashtag ‘Epsteinmurder’ was quickly trending.

Law enforcement experts and responsible sections of the media were also asking why Epstein had been taken off ‘suicide watch’ at the Manhattan correctional centre.

His victims now want to know if anyone else has ever committed suicide there. They also urgently want to know if it was possible for him to have died alone, once the cause of death is established.

Suspicion over Epstein’s death spread to politicians as Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic Senator, wrote, “Something stinks to high heaven. How does someone on suicide watch hang himself with no intervention? Impossible. Unless…”

Some internet users observed that the New York prison where he died was under the watch of Attorney General William Barr, who was chosen to head the Justice Department by Donald Trump, once an associate of Epstein.

Another extraordinary theory was that Epstein was assassinated by Saudi officials. A tweet read: “The murder of Jeffrey Epstein is the most blatant display of the power of the deep state I’ve seen since the CIA killed JFK.”



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