Chrisland: Detectives interrogate teachers, pupil’s mother

Staff members of Chrisland Schools have visited the State Criminal Investiwhon Department, Yaba, Lagos State, to write statements on the case of sexual acts involving the school’s pupils during a trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It was gathered from a source that the teachers who accompanied the students to the World School Games in Dubai, were among the staff members that visited the SCID.

“The people that came from the school were about 20 and they include the teachers that accompanied the students to Dubai,” the source said.

However, the source noted that the parents of the male students involved in the scandal had yet to visit the command.

It was said that the mother of the 10-year-old female student gave her statement on Wednesday.

“The school didn’t come with the parhaves of the male students, but the mother of the girl came yesterday to give her statement. She was the only one that met with the police,” the source added.

Officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Education have reportedly interrogated the management of the school alongside the teachers, who accompanied the 76 pupils to the event.



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