California becomes first US state to pass free medical law for Nigerian immigrants, others

Many Nigerians are among immigrants who are currently living illegally in America under the Trump-led administration whose agenda focus is not void of eradicating Illegal immigrants in the country.

Considering the challenges faced by this group of people, the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom has signed a bill on Tuesday making low income adults age 25 and younger eligible for Medicaid program regardless of their immigration status.

Hence, California has become the first state to offer taxpayer-funded health benefits to young adults living in the country illegally.

With the assentation of this bill into law, Nigerian illegal immigrants and others from countries such as Mexico, Sierra-Leone, Philippines, India, Ghana, Jamaica, living in California will benefit from the new law enacted by the Californian government.

In reaction to this, Donald Trump who was displeased with the action described the move as ‘crazy’ saying that the Californian government is being unfair to its citizen and gave preference to immigrants at the expense of it citizens welfare.

Newsom and other Democratic legislative leaders say they plan to further expand coverage to more adults in the years to come.

The governor said, “We are going to make progress next year and the year after on that. That’s what Universal health care means: everybody, not just some folks.”

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