Brymo discloses why he is supporting Tinubu

Nigerian Musician, Olawale Ashimi, popularly called Brymo says he is risking his career to support Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition ‘because he will modernize Nigeria by breezing life of a city (Lagos State) to the whole country when elected.

He added that if Nigeria failed to elect a leader who had governed one of the most brilliant and vibrant cities like Lagos, then the desired change might not come.

Brymo made these statements while interacting with his audience on Twitter.

He said: “I cannot tell you in clarity what is driving me to support Tinubu’s presidency, what is prompting me pro bono to risk my career, expose Brymo brand to this kind of discussion.

“It is ridiculous that since 1960 nobody has ever been an ex-governor from Lagos that became the president. We should be mad about it. It doesn’t make sense that all our presidents lived outside the city, which is Lagos, the most brilliant and vibrant city. How do you expect the country to be modern?

“It will be cool if an ex-governor of Lagos becomes the president and he breezes city life into the villa. That itself is progress, and the fact that we watch a man who was a Senator, become governor; he is the gatekeeper for what started in 1999 and there has been continuity.

“I tweeted “City Boy” and he retweeted it immediately. He embraced the name ‘City Boy’ I gave him without being told.

“I am not scared to risk my image to support this man. I am not afraid nor worried one bit about it…it means something is propelling me.”



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