BREAKING: Killer of Maersk MD’s wife arrested on mango tree

One of the two suspects, who, a few days ago, attacked and murdered the wife of the Managing Director of Maersk Line, has been arrested after he was sighted by a police commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, where he was hiding on a mango tree.

The suspects also stabbed the shipping line boss in different places with two different knives in what was said to be an attempt to ensure that they left no traces behind at the scene of the attack.

The two suspects, Goke Olamilekan and Akande Adeyinka, had, last Sunday, invaded the Lugard, Ikoyi, Lagos State, home of Gilda Tohouo, with an alleged intention of robbing and dispossess them of a huge sum of money in millions of naira.

The police in the state in an operation, personally led by the state police commissioner, had less than an hour after the attack, arrested an electrician in the estate, Goke Olamilekan, said to have invited one of his friends, Akande Adeyinka, to carry out the dastardly act.

One of the two suspects, Akande, had reportedly climbed a mango tree and was hiding when the police boss beamed his torchlight on him and was promptly arrested.

Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that the two suspects had planned the operation for three weeks, before eventually carrying it out last Sunday.

The police also found out that the suspects hid their weapons in one of the vacant flats in the estate and strategized on how to carry out the operation.

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