Boris Johnson won’t be introducing amnesty for undocumented migrants – Reports

Government quietly scraps idea months after prime minister said it would be considered as improvement on ‘anomalous’ policy of deporting anyone without correct papers.

A report reaching us at Checkout has it that the Boris Johnson led British government has scrapped initial plans to introduce an amnesty for undocumented migrants.

It would be recalled that Boris Johnson had earlier advocated the idea when he was London mayor as an “earned amnesty” for illegal immigrants, reiterated his support for the move on becoming leader of the country last July, telling MPs that his government would consider bringing in such a policy.

However, a recent response by the UK Home Office minister, Victoria Atkins when responding to a question on the policy by Labour MP Dr Rosena AAllin-Khan hinted at the policy being scrapped.

Ms Atkins said: “The government remains committed to an immigration policy which welcomes and celebrates people to the UK through safe and legal routes but deters illegal immigration.”

However, reacting to the development, advocates said reneging on the proposal would leave migrant workers without “vital protection”, which they said would be increasingly important after Brexit in order to prevent labour exploitation, and accused the prime minister of “posturing”.

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