Boris Johnson to call for general election after commons votes against no-deal Brexit

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to call for a general election following a defeat at the Commons to stop him from proceeding with no deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson after the votes said he will be tabling a vote on an early general election on Wednesday.

He said: “The consequences of this vote tonight means that Parliament is on the brink of wrecking any deal that we might be able to get in Brussels.

“It will hand control of the negotiations to the EU.”

He continued: “And by contrast, everyone will know that if I am Prime Minister, I will go to Brussels, I will go for a deal and I believe I will get a deal.

“And we will leave anyway, even if we don’t (get a deal) we will leave anyway on October 31.

“The people of this country will have to choose.

“The leader of the opposition has been begging for an election for two years.

“He has thousands of supporters outside calling for an election. I don’t want an election but if MPs vote tomorrow to stop negotiations and to compel another pointless delay to Brexit potentially for years then that would be the only way to resolve this.

However, his election gambit looked in danger of failing as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition MPs said they would block it unless a cross-party Bill is passed to prevent an election being used to bounce the country into a no-deal Brexit.



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