Assault: Man hits wife with dumbbell, causes brain-damage

Andrew Dixon, 35, had attacked his wife, Aimee Dixon, 37, when she questioned him about his medication, which he had been prescribed for paranoid schizophrenia.

The couple had argued after Aimee accused Dixon of lying about taking his pills, which he was meant to have every night.

During the argument, it is reported that Dixon probably used a dumbbell or iron bar to hit his wife, at least three times in the face and head area.

She suffered serious head injuries, including multiple fractures and bruising and bleeding to her brain which affects her badly as she now faces a daily struggle to eat and drink.

The prosecutor, Geraldine Kelly, told a sentencing hearing at the Sheffield Crown Court that Aimee is still in hospital and that she will ‘never be back to how she was before’.

“She has suffered brain damage and will never be back to how she was before. She will make improvements but has been left with multiple issues due to the brain damage.

“With assistance, she can step out of bed and into a chair and is learning to use some of her upper body to wash herself in the shower,” she added.

It would be recalled that Dixon had originally been accused of attempting to murder his wife on November 18. But he was ruled unfit to enter a plea and to give instructions to his defence team because of a mental disorder.



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