$1m levy, others: Desist from Harassing Nigerians, FG warns Ghana

The Federal Government has warned Ghana to desist from harassing Nigerians residing in that country.

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed said in a statement in Abuja that for some time now, the authorities in Accra have been exhibiting acts of hostility towards Nigeria and Nigerians, adding that the situation could not be allowed to continue.

His statement comes on the heels of recent closure of the shops of Nigerian traders in Ghana by the authorities who asked them to pay $1 million each to have such shops re-opened.

The minister wondered why Ghana chose to treat Nigeria and its citizens that way when the “over one million Ghanaians” resident in Nigeria are not being maltreated.

“The Federal Government will like to put on record the fact that even though over 1 million Ghanaians are resident in Nigeria, they are not being subjected to the kind of hostility being meted out to Nigerians in Ghana.

“But indications, especially in recent times, are that Nigeria’s stance is now being taken for granted and its citizens being made targets of harassment and objects of ridicule. This will no longer be tolerated under any guise.”

The Federal Government appealed to Nigerians citizens resident in Ghana to “remain law abiding and avoid engaging in self help, despite their ordeal.”

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