18-year old Guinea mother sits for exams 30 minutes after childbirth

Determined to complete her studies, 18-year-old student, Fatoumata Kourouma who was rushed to hospital from an exam hall told BBC how she went back to complete her tests just 30 minutes after giving birth.

“I decided for myself that I wanted to complete my baccalaureate,” she said.

She had turned up to the exam hall, in the Guinean town of Mamou, on Tuesday morning but staff sent her to hospital.

“I’d started having stomach pains on Monday night but didn’t know I was going to give birth,” she told AFP.

“I worked up the courage to do the exam the next day, without saying anything to my husband or the school,” she added.

It was only once she had arrived at the hospital that she realised she was about to give birth. And when her baby boy was born after a quick labour, she handed him over to her parents, so she could go back and finish her baccalaureate exams in Physics and French.

“The session had already begun but the invigilators allowed me to go back in,” Mrs Kourouma tells BBC, adding that she felt well at the time and was not in pain adding that she and her son are both in good health.

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