Woman walks streets of East London naked to ‘cool off’ summer heatwave

As the temperature continues to rise in Britain, due to the Summer heatwave, some people have begun to devise new ways to get used to it as a woman was filmed walking through East London naked.

She reportedly had found an interesting way to cool off in the scorching weather as temperatures soared across the country.

Footage shows her wandering through an estate wearing nothing but shoes.

She appears to be yelling something at a full-clothed man walking ahead of her but it isn’t clear what she is saying.

The ten-second clip was posted on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Only in east london…. I hate ends sometimes”.

It has since been viewed more than 150,000 times and liked by almost 2,000 people.

Some commenting on the post have questioned whether the woman simply needed to cool off in the summer heat.

One wrote: “Please note. This is the not the dress code for tomorrow’s weather. Regards”.
While another said: “I get her man, its too hot out here.”

And one wrote: “Sorry but it’s REALLY that hot. I don’t blame her.”

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