Why Nigeria shifted International flight resumption date

Nigeria’s decision to adjust the resumption date for international flights to September 15 was necessitated to fine tune logistics, Checkout Magazine learnt.

It was gathered that the Government deemed the date shift necessary to avoid a flawed arrangement which can have international backlash on the country.

The NATION reports that Nigeria has met about 95 per cent of the COVID-19 Protocols to accommodate international flights.

A source told the NATION “We have not been able to harmonise the E-payment platform to be used by international passengers coming into the country.

“The E-payment platform must be put in place in the country of origin and the destination. By the COVID-19 Protocols for international flights, passengers coming to Nigeria will buy tickets and undergo COVID-19 test in their country of origin.

“They are also expected to pay for COVID-19 laboratory test, as they are booking tickets, which they will undergo on the 8th day of their arrival in Nigeria.

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