Vulgar words good for peoples’ health -Ukrainian Minister

Acting Health Minister of Ukraine Ulana Suprun speaks with the Kyiv Post at her office on Aug. 30, 2018.

The acting health minister of Ukraine, Ulana Suprun has said use of swear words may be good for people’s health.

She said this in reaction to the proposed new law being put forward by MP Olha Bohomolets, which stops public figures from swearing in the media which states that, “people swearing on TV and in public speeches could be fined up to 1,275 Ukrainian hryvnias ($49; £39).”

The acting health minister, further argued that use of vulgar epithet can be good for peoples’health as the use of them can indicate strong relationships and “good emotional contact” between people.

However, Suprun’s view is that cursing can be useful in extreme situations, saying, “in a number of cases the use of swear words means that people are close to each other and there is a good emotional contact between them”.

She then advised that people should work on removing their feelings of aggression rather than their obscene language.

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