Story behind Buchi Emechata’s Google doodle

Buchi Emecheta has joined the list of authors who have been celebrated using the famous google doodles.

Popularly known for her books, Second class citizen and The joys of Motherhood, Buchi mostly chronicled her experiences living as a immigrant single mother living in London.

Buchi immigrated to London from Nigeria with husband, Sylvester Onwordi and two children when the husband wanted to pursue a degree abroad.

In a space of six years, she had given birth to three children in addition and later had to leave her husband while pregnant with the fifth child to study Sociology.

She began writing at this time and stepped into the limelight after writing a couple of articles for The New Statement focused on the life of black women living in Britain.

She released a collection of these articles in 1972 titled “In The Ditch”. This was soon followed by the famed Second class citizen and a series of other books, plays and children stories. This includes her autobiography “Head above water”.

Working as a library officer and youth worker, raising children in a land away from home and delivering a couple of lectures while working as a professor for several universities abroad has earned Buchi a spot or rather a doodle on the Google home page recently.

After her death in 2017,her son Sylvester formed the Buchi Emecheta foundation, a charity devoted to supporting educational projects in the United Kingdom and Africa.She has also been celebrated as one of the 100 women who changed the world in the BBC history magazine in 2018.

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