#Staysafe: Covid-19 is as deadly as ebola if you need to go to hospital – study

A new report has claimed that COVID-19 is now as deadly as Ebola having killed more than a third of Brits sick enough to need hospital treatment.

Analysis reveal that UK’s Covid-19 hospital death rate was broadly the same as that seen in the ebola outbreak in the mid-2000s which devastated west Africa.

Despite higher standards of healthcare provided by the NHS the study of 17,000 Covid-19 patients at 166 hospitals showed that between 35% and 40% died.

Chief investigator Prof Calum Semple of Liverpool University disclosed the findings of this investigation during an online briefing with journalists.

He said: “It’s a common misconception even today that Covid is just a bad dose of the flu.

“Once you are sick enough to go to hospital Covid is as dangerous as ebola. People don’t get this.”

The research was carried out by the International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC).

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