Shocking! 17-yr-old girl set self ablaze over delay in getting married

A 17-year girl who got frustrated over her boyfriend’s inability to pay her dowry has reportedly set herself ablaze.

Aisha, a 17-year-old girl in Albarkawa community of Gusau Local Government Area of Zamfara State, had no problem with her boyfriend and both were hoping to get married soonest but there was one snag. Her boyfriend, Umar Faruku was not financially prepared to go ahead and pay her dowry.

As the days rolled into months and yet her boyfriend was not forthcoming, she decided to end her own life by herself on fire in frustration, as there was already an air of uncertainty over her wedding day or even whether they were going to get married at all.

Unfortunately, the suicide attempt was aborted and she was left with severe burn on the upper part of her body. When asked what prompted her to take the path of suicide, Aisha told Arewa Live that she didn’t want to remain single and be forced to engage in fornication.

Arewalive reports that Aisha is currently receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre in Gusau. It was also gathered that a former deputy governor in the state, Alhaji Ibrahim Wakkala, had promised to foot the entire expenses incurred during her stay in the hospital.

In a recent visit to her on hospital bed the former deputy governor also made another donation of N100,000 for her upkeep, promising too to sponsor her wedding with her heartthrob if he is still interested in taking her as a wife or any other person who is interested in her.

Wakkala also appealed to youths generally to seek counsel from elders and their parents instead of keeping quiet or keeping to themselves, noting that had Aisha consulted with elderly people she would not have found herself in the current situation she is in.

According to him, suicide is a crime punishable under the law.

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