See what German Cafe did to ensure customers observe social distance

A German Cafe has adopted a creative approach to ensuring customers maintain social distance while patronising the enterprise.

The managers at Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, northeast Germany, required customers to wear a hat with swimming noodles attached, to ensure they do not get within six feet of another customer.

Since photos of the scene emerged on the internet after Katy Lee, a journalist posted on Twitter, many have commended the cafe owners for the move.

Ms Lee tweeted, Oh my god, this is amazing”, adding there was “zero shame attached to it”.

Another remarked: “Absolutely love it, though I suspect I wouldn’t be able to keep my hat on for laughing! Cracking idea for GB schools.”
One Twitter user replied: “I need one of those in Asda!”

This move is one of the several measures adopted across the world to enforce the social distance rule, as countries are gradually easing the lockdown.

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