Rivers will immortalise Wigwe – Fubara

Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has said the state will immortalise the late Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Access Holdings, Dr. Herbert Wigwe.

Speaking at a night of tributes organised on Tuesday by the Port Harcourt City One Love Family to reflect on Wigwe’s life and times, the governor said the late banker led an impactful life, affecting society positively.

He described the death of Wigwe as a double loss.

Fubara noted that apart from happening at the time he became governor, the late banker was his in-law.

He said: “For me, it is a double loss, not just as the governor of our dear state, still standing, but as an in-law. Herbert is from Isiokpo; my wife’s mother is from Isiokpo. They are even close; they’re relatives. So, you can see that this loss is really deep for my own family.

“But I have come to understand something about life. Those that God has favoured, that have the blessings of God, that God really cherishes, He doesn’t like them to stay too long on earth because He doesn’t want them to get corrupt.

“But the wicked ones, the cruel ones, that you are praying for to die, will stay and they will not die.

“So, you should understand what has happened to our brother and his family… Yes, immediately, when it happened, we started feeling the pain. But in the long run, we would understand the message that God has just sent to us. It sounds painful, but it has a special message.

“We have come to this world with nothing, we will leave this world, no matter how rich you are when you die, you will also leave with nothing.

“So, it is for us to appreciate the mystery of life, understanding that what is most important is the number of persons that are still behind when you’re not there and say positive things about you.

“Not the ones that are drinking with you, not the ones that join you to attend occasions and hail you. But how many, when you’re no longer there, can say “Oh, he is a good man, he’s a great man?”



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