R Kelly decries inability to see girlfriends in jail, seeks bail

Singer, R Kelly has laid complaints on restrictions placed on number of his visitors as well as inadequate medical attention given him in jail.

R Kelly has apparently included not being able to see more than one girlfriend at a time as one of the reasons he should be granted bail.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kelly’s lawyers have asked the judge in the singer’s New York federal case to reconsider after he was refused bail in July.

The request was filed on Monday 30 September in New York, where Kelly is charged in a racketeering scheme to sexually abuse girls.

The R&B artist is currently being detained in Chicago, where he faces similar charges.

Kelly must also get the Chicago judge to agree to bail before he could be released, even if the New York judge grants bail.

The motion filed this week complains that just one person unrelated to Kelly is allowed to visit him at a time over 90 days.

Kelly also cited apparent anxiety, an untreated hernia and numbness in one of his hands as further reasons to call for his release.

His lawyer Steve Greenberg argues that Kelly “is not presently receiving adequate medical care”.

Kelly was arrested in February on 10 counts of sexual abuse, to which he pleaded not guilty. He was released on bail before being charged with 11 further counts in May, then arrested in July on sex-related charges including coercion, physical abuse and sex with underage girls. He was refused bail following the July charges.

A trial date has been set for April 2020



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