Presidency: Buhari can’t be stampeded to sign Electoral Bill

The Presidency said yesterday that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be rushed into signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, said it was sudden for some groups to trouble the President over their perceived delay in signing the Bill that was transmitted by the National Assembly on January 31.

Recall that President Buhari was presented with a reworked Electoral Act Amendment Bill after he withheld assent to the earlier version of amendments done by the National Assembly.

One of his reasons for declining was that some parts of it would be denying the majority their say, a situation which would have defeated the very essence of democracy.

At the weekend, a coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) rose from a meeting in Abuja with a call on the President to sign the bill into law.

However, in a reaction yesterday, Adesina pointed out that there is no need for rushing the process as he still has more time constitutionally to make his decision.



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