Police intercepts 25 stowaway found in refrigerated container on way to England

The stowaway mission of 25 emigrants from Netherlands was botched after they were discovered in a refrigerated container on a ferry travelling to England.

Gert Jakobsen, Vice President of communications with the ship’s operator DFDS, said the migrants were found after they made a hole in the trailer.

Mr Jakobsen said police were waiting at the port and the migrants were taken to hospital by ambulance to check for hypothermia.

He said.”We don’t know about the checks. Of course, they were not in a very good condition,”

“Unfortunately this is not the first time we have had such a situation. Of course, it’s rare they hide in a refrigerated trailer.

“But we do find migrants even though we try to prevent it.”

Dutch police said 23 people were transferred to a police station after medical check-ups, while two were receiving extra care in hospital.

Dogs are searching for other migrants were still on the ship.

This incident comes weeks after the bodies of 39 Vietnamese migrants were found in a refrigerated lorry container in Essex after arriving on a ferry from Zeebrugge, Belgium.



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