Nigerian man, Akinlolu Ojo named as dean of University of Kanas

Nigerian academic and versed medical researcher, Akinolu Ojo, has been made the executive dean of University of Kansas.

In the capacity of his new post, he will be supervising the campuses of Kansas City, Salina and Wichita of the university, a duty he assumed on August 26.

Commenting on the capacity of Ojo, Managing Director Rober D Simari said they picked the Nigerian academic because his rich background which made him very befitting of the post.

Before his new post, he was the associate vice president for clinical research and global health and also the professor of medicine and health promotion sciences at the University of Arizona in Tuscon.

Ojo has more than $95 million grant and another $200 million grant in total for research funding, where his primary clinical interests are in areas such as epidemiology, translational, kidney transplantation, minority health, health disparities, global health, among other things.

It should be noted that the Nigerian academic has written more than 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts which have contributed greatly to clinical sciences.

Ojo got his medical degree from the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos before he got his doctorate degree and MBA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

At the same institution, he got to position of a professor in the Department of Medicine.



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