NHS worker branded a ‘monster’ after botched filler made her lips triple in size

An NHS worker was labelled a “monster” by strangers in the street over her botched lip fillers, which led to her pout “tripling in size”.

But Stacie Craig, a stroke rehab assistant, was even more horrified when she complained to the salon – and was branded a “bitter liar”.

The 31-year-old blasted Natura Medical Aesthetics in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as “disgraceful” in an online review – claiming the 1ml filler treatment left her with swollen, lumpy and uneven lips.

But she was stunned when the salon’s account responded to her Facebook review, claiming she “made up this nonsense” for a “bitter” review.

Another commenter even accused Stacie of Photoshopping the images of her grossly swollen lips – which Stacie says felt like they were “about to burst”.

The stroke rehab assistant hit back at aesthetic nurse Nedia O’Reilly, demanding she “owned up” to her mistakes.

She also insists she begged Nedia to dissolve the filler, which she paid £120 for, but was told to go elsewhere to fix her lips.

Stacie said: “My lips were triple the size they should be and were plastic looking. Naturally you have little lines on your lips, but all of that was erased because they were so swollen.

“There was too much filler deposited in certain areas, it felt like they were going to burst. I saw my friend straight after the treatment and she asked me ‘what have you done to your lips?’

“People in the street were saying I looked like a monster. It looked horrendous, I felt like a monster. I tried to hide my lips and wore a baseball cap so as not to draw attention to my face.”

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