Man’s penis rots after injecting it with petroleum jelly to make it bigger

Doctors have revealed how a man’s penis rotted away after he injected vaseline in an attempt to make it bigger.

The unnamed 45-year-old man went to the hospital after five days of suffering from an itchy sensation at the base of his member. He then noticed a significant build-up of fluid and ulcers on the shaft of his penis, which were starting to rot and bleed.

The patient, from the South Pacific islands, who told doctors that he had self-injected petroleum jelly into his shaft two years earlier, in an attempt to boost his penis size, was also feeling weak and suffering fevers.

Writing in a journal published in Urology Case Reports, Dr. Amer Amin said the man was an “unwell looking man” with high fevers.

He added that the penile shaft was “grossly deformed”, tender and had a serious build-up of fluid. There were also small patches of visible rotting flesh and he was diagnosed with a condition called Fournier’s gangrene — a life-threatening “flesh-eating bug” of the genitals.

He was rushed into the operating theatre where surgeons removed the dead flesh and drained the pus-filled pockets along his shaft.

The man was taken to intensive care to recover ahead of further surgery planned for the next day.

In total, he needed three operations to remove all of the infected and rotted tissue — mostly involving the scrotum, doctors said.

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