Lawyer turned fitness trainer pockets £1.5M 8 months after App launch

Woman, 24, who turned to exercise to relax while training as a lawyer and working as a waitress has made £1.5M in eight months since launching her own fitness app.

Krissy Cela, 24, who lives in London, was also working 30 hours a week as a waitress during her legal training to stay afloat.

‘It was a challenging time for me. Fitness found me when I needed something the most,’ she said.

She started to post videos of her workouts two years ago on social media and her Instagram followers quickly increased.

Krissy, who completed her lawyer training last year, launched her fitness app called Tone and Sculpt, this January – a 12 week fitness plan, which so far over 250,000 people have downloaded – putting her turnover at £1.5 million.

Talking about why she started she said: ‘I was going through a really hard time in my life. I felt like I was so alone and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to shift my focus onto anything positive.

‘When I first started posting videos on Instagram the intention was always to do this for me and keep myself accountable.

‘It helped me believe that I could do this for myself and no one else and that there is light at the end of the tunnel regardless of how unhappy I was at the time.

‘Fast forward to now, five years into my new healthy lifestyle and I can safely say that I have never ever been more stronger mentally and physically. I’ve managed to tone my body and sculpt my mind,’ the popular fitness Instagrammer said.

She added, “My goal is to encourage even more women to feel confident, strong and part of a supportive online community.”

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