Kidnap victim says Herdsmens adbucted him, others to fund cost of bullet for operations

Chirmela Iroha, one of the five persons abducted off the Lagos- Ore expressway at the Ogbere (Ogun state) had revealed that he and others were kidnapped by “Fulani herdsmen” to fund the cost of bullets for another high profile kidnap operation.

Iroha and four others – as Chidioze Eluwa, Okoro Ohowukwe, Ndubuizi Owuabueze, and Ibeleji Chidinma abducted at the J3, Ogbere – Ijebu – Ode (Ogun State) stretch of the Lagos – Ore expressway, on August 1 and taken to the forest by the abductors.

After three days of intensive search and pressure mounted, both from air and land, on the abductors by the Police, the suspected kidnappers fled their hideout and abandoned the captives in the forest until they were found and rescued by the Police.

Iroha said they were kidnapped to pay for the cost of bullets expended on a high profile target which the kidnappers were chasing but eventually eluded them.

Narrating his ordeal, he disclosed that the abductors “humiliated and tortured” them with any object they could lay their hands on, including marching them on a tortuous and drudgery 30km walk into a jungle of forests without food and water.

Iroha said given the physical appearance and language spoken, he was convinced that their abductors were “fulani herdsmen.”

Iroha lauded the Police, local vigilante group and hunters for the pressure mounted on the kidnapers and which eventually led to their rescue.

The Police Commissioner in Ogun State, Baahir Makama, who showcased the Police exploits over the kidnap incident and successful rescue of the victims, said four suspects were arrested in connection with the abduction.

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