Jealousy made me steal Dolberg’s £62k watch – Diaby

18-years old ex-Nice player, Lamine Diaby-Fadiga sacked for stealing teammates watch has cited ‘jealousy’ as the reason behind his action.

Dolberg had a £62,000 watch stolen from his team’s dressing room on September 16 and took his complaint to the police.

It emerged that Diaby was in fact the thief with the 18-year-old subsequently sacked by the Ligue 1 club on Tuesday.

The disgraced footballer took to Twitter to apologise for his actions following widespread criticisms from the media and fans.

He wrote, “I would like to first of all apologise to the fans and those who love Le Gym. A lot of them supported me and showed me kindness since I made my professional debut, as a youngster from the local region who joined the club when I was 14. Their reactions embody the level of disappointment that they feel towards me and I owe them an explanation.”

“I proudly wore the club of my childhood’s shirt last season in Ligue 1. I was unfortunately injured for several months and my return to competitive action was further delayed following a red card I picked up whilst playing for the U-19s” he continued.

“That affected me mentally and my difficult situation contrasted starkly the success and aura of Kasper, my teammate. I took it out on him without having any reason to do so, maybe a bit because of jealousy. Instead of trying to battle on the pitch to provide him with competition for places, I reacted stupidly towards him.”



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