Heroic moment unfolds as school football coach disarms suicidal student

A dramatic moment unfolded as football coach hero disarms and hugs a shotgun-toting student.

Newly released footage shows Keanon Lowe, 27, bravely step in to stop suicidal teen Angel Granados-Diaz from using his weapon as he wrestled with the 19-year-old as other students at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon, ran screaming in terror on May 17.

Scorned Granados-Diaz – who suffers mental health issues – had reportedly just been dumped and wanted to take his own life in class.

The security video – released as Granados-Diaz was sentenced this week – shows Lowe hug the weeping teen before taking his gun from him.

Lowe – a former college American football star – is then seen leading the student away before cops rush to the scene.

Lawyers for Granados-Diaz later claimed he wanted to take his life in school rather than at home as he wanted to protect his mother from the distress of finding his body.

They also claimed he didn’t plan on harming anyone else in a mass school shooting, The Oregonian reported.

Granados-Diaz pleaded guilty to felony possession of a firearm in a public building and misdemeanor possession of a loaded firearm in public.

On Thursday, he was given a 36-month probationary sentence and ordered to undergo mental health treatment.



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