Football Lifeban: I am innocent of Fifa claims – Siasia

Ex Nigerian International and Former Eagles coach, Samson Siasia, has maintained his position that he was wrongly accused, banned and fined by FIFA for an offence he never committed, Sports Extra reports.

Siasia was fined $50,000 and banned for life by FIFA for allegedly agreeing to ‘the manipulation of matches’ for betting purposes.

Siasia lamented how the footballing body has frustrated efforts to to clear his name from the embarrassing claims.

He also revealed that FIFA has so far not presented proof to back their claims that he indulged in the allegations levelled against him.

He said in a statement, “At this appeal, because I know that I am very innocent of the charges and I never participated in any of the previous proceedings simply because I was unaware, I was so confident I had a strong case and instructed my legal representatives in this matter.”

“My lawyers have informed me that CAS made a decision which favours FIFA and prejudices me to strike out my claim for compensation and have thus reinstated it.

“I am saying I was wrongly banned for life, and because FIFA informed the whole world of my alleged commission of the offences of match fixing and bribery I feel I am entitled to claim for compensation for this terrible slaw and aspersion that they cast against my character globally.

“I want the world to know that rather than correct itself now that FIFA knows of the strength of my appeal and the evidence given thus far to prove that I could not have committed the alleged offences of match fixing and bribery, FIFA continues to spread false allegations that I was involved with the match fixer without any shred of evidence and has continued to do so because it knows there is no compensation claim.”

Siasia also expressed disappointment at the Nigeria Football Federation for their lack of support in his quest to clear his name.

He also called on the government of the United States of America to come to his aid.



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