Dad paralysed with half a skull and ‘sunken’ brain after baseball brutal attack

A dad has been left paralysed with half a skull and “sunken brain” after a vicious attack by a thug – who has been caged for just two months.

Steven Augustine, 32, has been fighting for his life since May 2018 after doctors say he was beaten with a baseball bat while walking home from work in New York, US.

He was left paralysed as the left side of his skull was removed after being shattered during the robbery.

Steven needs to undergo further surgery, so specialists can create a special plastic skull to protect his brain.

The dad-of-two is now suffering from sunken brain syndrome – a rare complication after a large craniectomy to remove part of his skull – which makes Steven look as though he’s missing half of his head.

His heartbroken mum Donna, 56, who has been at his side throughout his horrendous ordeal, says his condition is continuing to deteriorate and added that the family are outraged that Steven’s attacker, Charles Miles, received a misdemeanour charge and served just 72 days of his 365-day sentence at Ulster County Jail.

His doting mum, Donna, has been fighting for ‘justice’, saying the injuries were inconsistent with a single punch. Doctors say that Steven’s severe injuries are consistent with blunt force trauma – being battered with a baseball bat.

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